Friday, April 6, 2012


It's that moment in time when you realize that you made a mistake. That particular instance when you just close your eyes, hold your breath, and hope that it would not be as bad as it looks right now.

It feels like air just popped out of the balloon and ... then you feel like as if your heart dropped to your knees. Time stood still and you are caught inside the Time Travel machine that's teetering precariously on the side of the cliff. Or like when you're on a run-away roller-coaster and you just know there's a steep drop at the end.

It could also be when you find yourself in an awkward situation, and all you can do is hope that you don't get hit by an errant fist.

It's that particular instance when you just mutter a curse under your breath, and just wish that you ignored that annoying alarm clock and just slept through it all.

It's an" Uh-Oh" moment... synonymous to "Ooops", "Oh, No", "OMG", and in a more direct-to-the-point colloquial "Patay kang bata ka".

"Sige na, Day". "Sige na" Loosely translated, it means "So long" "Arrividerci", "Adios".
"Day" is a common Cebuano nickname. Totally harmless?

A patient's family member tearfully approached the Nursing Station and asked the Head Nurse, "I thought my mom is doing well but I keep on hearing the nurses say that she is going to die."

At that point, the outgoing nurse waved at the her friend and cheerfully (and loudly) said, "Sige na , Day"

The female accident patient lay strapped on the backboard with a cervical collar. The nurse cuts the patient's winter coat and the down feathers flew into the air around the Trauma Room.

The feathers getting into our faces and hair, into little crevices, nooks, and crannies. Into the Trauma Chief's nose as he glared at you but could not take out the offending feather because he was all gloved up.


It was change of shift at the Trauma Room, and the in-coming nurse just couldn't tolerate a messy room. She threw out a yellow basin filled with dirty pads that was sitting on the stretcher. The housekeeping guy followed after to empty the garbage.

Then the triage nurse came back to the room to finish her documentation. Suddenly, she sat straight up in her chair and screamed, "The finger! Where is the finger?"

The patient 's index finger was accidentally amputated - man vs. meat grinder- and the moist-gauze soaked finger in a bag of ice that EMS had deposited on the patient's stretcher was nowhere to be found. That finger is supposed to be reunited to the patient via microvascular reimplantation. That is, if they could find the finger.

Two nurses bolted out of the room running after the housekeeper.


Thankfully, the finger was found after the second garbage search.

The patient's visitor was obviously his gay lover. The patient presented with severe chest pains after "an extremely long aerobic exercise".
Another nurse brought in a female visitor.
"You have another visitor, sir. " The nurse turned to the visitor, "Are you his sister?"
"No, I'm his wife. And who is this man holding my husband's hand?"

The four-year old girl broke into a smile when she saw the glove balloon that a nurse's aide made for her. Her mother came in with abdominal pains, but did not have anyone to watch the child. The father was just on his way to the hospital. The nurse's aide was assigned to watch the child until then.

The string of the balloon flew away, and before the obese nurse aide could get up from her chair, Baby Jessica started to chase after the flying balloon. Off she went in-between the double-parked stretchers in the hallway, barely missing bumping into anything, or being squashed by a passing stretcher.


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