Friday, December 14, 2012


Twenty innocent children, along with six adults, killed by gunfire in Newtown, Connecticut.

It is a senseless tragedy that defies any explanation or understanding. And because this time, the kids fell victim to one man’s insanity, the nation shares in the heartbreak.

The massacre is incomprehensible. And it hits close to home. Once again, we grieve.

The kids were supposed to be in a safe haven, while they learn their ABC’s or Math, while their minds were being molded by their teachers on the wonders of new knowledge. Instead, they learned firsthand about violence. About one pysychopath’s reckless disregard of that we hold sacred… the precious lives taken much too soon.

The kids who survived would need all the help they can get to banish the ugly visions of the carnage. It was a nightmare that unfolded before their very eyes.

Imagine the horror of the parents who heard the news as they rushed to the school, praying that their kids were spared, that they would hug their kids again. Earlier that morning, they had kissed their children goodbye, after the usual breakfast rush.

Imagine the devastation for those who learned that they would not see their kids grow up. Our hearts bleed for them.

We have all shed tears upon hearing of this incident today. Those who were left behind will cry themselves to sleep tonight, and for many nights thereafter. The healing will be a difficult and lonely road.

We search for answers. We advocate for better gun control. We hope that no man, or woman, will ever feel the need to kill again.

Senseless. Tragic. Heart-breaking.