Sunday, November 4, 2012

My 15 Minutes of Fame

So this is how it feels.

When you've just published your first book, and just had your first write-up in the magazine about your book. When your hospital just posted humongous posters about the book-signing and you have to stand the scrutiny of people who look at your book picture and your current self. When these same people exclaim, "So, you're the author."

This is all new to me.

In my last book-signing, I got to meet strangers who were drawn by the idea of one of their own coming up with a book that mirror their experiences. I was an unknown entity with an exciting new product... a book about nurses. And if I may say so, my cover picture was the best image that I ever had (or will ever have). So to break the ice, I said, "Yes, that picture of me is from twenty years ago."

It is disconcerting to finally have all eyes directed at me. I am a little reluctant to accept the sudden attention, with the imaginary spotlight upon me. Have I given too much information? Have I bared my soul to the prying eyes of a hungry audience? Would they look at me and find me lacking of the magic that authors are supposed to have?

Suddenly I'm conscious of the need to stand straighter and I berated myself for not sticking with my diet and exercise plan. I have to act like I’m super-confident and that I’m not freaking out that some critic may just tear to pieces the book that I have poured my heart into.

A part of me just wants to lie low and just stay under the radar. If only books can sell themselves. If only I have the backing of a well-oiled machine who will do the promotion rounds for me.

Okay, the book will not sell enough to allow me to quit my day job. Unless I come up with incredible stories about a boy wizard in Hogwarts. Or maybe write about the thirty shades of silver. But it doesn't matter. I am just incredibly happy at the realization of my dream.

Then I shake my head, take a deep, calming breath, and psych myself up. I have dreamt of writing a book since childhood. Now that I am living La Vida Loca, I should savor the moment. So I laugh at myself for indulging in this melodrama.

And however how long it lasts, I should just enjoy the good times. This is probably my 15 minutes of fame and I can still stretch it just a little bit longer. The hype is nothing compared to what Hollywood stars go through. No paparazzi chasing me. Thank God for that.

These are exciting times. Book-signings. News articles. And a google search on "Nursing Vignettes" yielding many results. I just have to come out of my shell and enjoy and bask in the glory of these new experiences. I did ask for this. I have dared to write a book, so I better enjoy the ride.

And most of all, I thank God for making all of these possible. With all humility, I appreciate His gift and accept His blessings.

EXCERPT FROM THE ASIAN JOURNAL ARTICLE- ‘Nursing Vignettes’: Chronicles of a Compassionate Profession

In her book Nursing Vignettes, Jocelyn C. Sese, MS, RN, CEN, talks about the heart and emotion that she deals with on a daily basis. At core of the intense experience of being a health care professional is a very relatable story of care, compassion, and a genuine concern for her patients.

A dream realized

Nursing Vignettes is a collection of the fascinating vignettes or snapshots of Jocelyn’s life as a nurse of 22 years in New York. It is a coming-of-age book that chronicles Jocelyn’s journey as a Filipino nurse in America.

She confessed that it is also the realization of her childhood dream to be published as an author. She was able to utilize her experience to drive home the point that nurses do make a difference in their patients’ lives.

“These short vignettes celebrate the tremendous impact of nurses on the patients they take care of,” she explains.

“Having been an educator for a long time, I wanted to change the perception of the general public about nurses – that we are not mere handmaidens to the physicians, and that we are autonomous and able to use critical thinking and skills to save patients’ lives.”



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